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Specialty Insurance

School Safety Excellence Award – Healthy Start Academy

By Insurance People of North Carolina, Specialty Insurance

Insurance People is extremely proud to announce that our friends at Healthy Start Academy, are the recipients of Utica’s School Safety Excellence Award. Located in the West End of downtown Durham, Healthy Start Academy is the first recipient of this award in North Carolina. Healthy Start Academy (HSA), the first charter school in NC, opened their doors in 1997 and are leaders in the Charter School Movement. Utica has over 45 years of experience in this industry so to see them acknowledge an original member of this movement, shows their desire to reward success. Because of the current state of…

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Professional Liability for Dentists

By Business Insurance, Specialty Insurance

As a businessowner, it is imperative that all necessary coverages are in place. In the medical field, specially, businessowners should be prepared to have a policy in place to protect against claims of negligence. Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) is insurance that protects against this. In some fields, PLI is only offered as a “claims-made” form; however, for Dentists, an occurrence form is available as well. Depending on the type of coverage you desire, you have the option to choose either form. Our friends at Cincinnati Insurance analyze the “pros and cons” of each choice. For more information, please click here.

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SafeSchools Role in Safely Reopening Schools/Title IX Updates

By Insurance People of North Carolina, Specialty Insurance

Here at Insurance People, we love to be involved with organizations that are making a positive impact on the community. One of such organizations is SafeSchools; a leader in eLearning resources for the education system. SafeSchools is taking the initiative when it comes to schools reopening, by providing resources and news articles to the public. Two of these articles are especially valuable during our country’s current environment. One of the articles focuses on online training for Administrators to return to school safely, and the other focuses implementing new Title IX regulations in K-12 schools. For more information on returning to…

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Road to Recovery: Restaurant Reopening Tips

By Business Insurance, Insurance People of North Carolina, Specialty Insurance

Like many businesses across the country, the restaurant industry has had their own unique challenges presented to them due to COVID-19. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your customers has never been more difficult, fortunately, we are all in this together. Specifically, EMPLOYERS has been working hard to provide Small Business Resources to help restaurants during these trying times. For more information, please read EMPLOYERS, “Road to Recovery: Restaurant Reopening Tips” article here.  

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Student Mental Health a Growing Concern Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

By Insurance, Insurance People of North Carolina, Specialty Insurance

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, Americans have been facing increased levels of financial and mental hardships. More specifically, students and young adults alike have been at the forefront of this crisis. For our country to reach its utmost potential, we need our future leaders to not only feel comfortable but also supported; specifically, in their own school. SafeSchools, an industry leader in training courses for educational institutions, provides modules on mental health for students to help proactively change the current environment.   Please take the time to read the full SafeSchools’ article below to learn more: A recent survey of 3,300…

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School Safety Excellence Award – South Carolina

By Business Insurance, Insurance, Specialty Insurance

Utica National Insurance Group and Insurance People School Safety Excellence Award – South Carolina    Utica National Insurance Group is one of the leading national insurance carriers in School Safety and Risk Management. The insurance group, known for actively promoting exceptional safety procedures, uses strategic partnerships with innovative safety companies to help Risk Advisors offer their charter school clients a complete and well-rounded risk management program. In unprecedented fashion, charter school leaders along on the East Coast are completely buying in on creating forward-thinking and risk-adverse institutions. Due to the overwhelming acceptance of the risk management tools and procedures, Utica National Insurance Group created the School Safety Excellence Award Program to honor those that made extraordinary efforts to make their schools a safer place. Utica National’s School Safety Excellence…

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Charter School Webinar

By Business Insurance, Insurance, Insurance People of North Carolina, Specialty Insurance

Insurance People of North Carolina is the largest insurer of Charter Schools in the Carolinas – there is a reason for that. Check out our webinar that showcases our process on how we help mitigate risks and improve their bottom line. Our agency values education and loves to help schools reach their true potential! Special thanks to the Charter School Business Network, Leaders Building Leaders, and the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools for hosting us!

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