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School Safety Pays: Insurance People and Utica National Insurance Announce Dividends for Charter School Safety Program

Insurance People is proud to announce that Utica National Insurance Group has declared a dividend for the Charter School Safety Program. As a result of low claims in 2021, Utica has issued a historic 10% dividend for charter school participants.

Members of Utica’s dividend program are committed to keeping schools safe. Insurance People partners with Utica for this very reason – they provide unmatched resources to ensure their schools are leaders in risk management and safety practices. Each year Insurance People adds new schools to the Safety Group. We welcome any introductions and hope to help more schools stay safe and be financially rewarded for doing so in 2023.

Do you want to do more to protect your school but don’t know where to start? The are many facets of school safety, including rising costs, and something new comes up regularly.

Mike Centrone, a Certified School Risk Manager for Utica National Insurance, notes that:

With often limited resources, schools need to strongly consider how their funds will be allocated. You may find your school better suited to have a professional conduct a complete security audit and assessment to determine where any deficiencies may be, rather than jumping on the newest piece of technology or equipment. Prioritizing your needs can help you to keep your schools safe and make the best use of your funds.”

One available opportunity is to consider a School-Site Risk, Safety and Security Assessment from RRA Risk Management Services. Ron Allen is President and CEO of RRA Risk Management Services and started this company after a long career in Risk & Safety for Durham Public Schools and UNC Chapel Hill. His children attended a charter school, and his passion for keeping schools safe has only grown over time.

The assessment is an all-inclusive process by which potential risk, safety and security areas are identified for weaknesses. Mr. Allen has over 35 years of risk and safety management experience, having conducted assessments for charter, private, public K-12 schools, and universities. Ron conducts these assessments to provide a framework for improving overall school safety. It’s a top-to-bottom review of what you are currently doing and a prioritized list of recommendations. This allows the board to allocate funding as able and needed.

For more information and resources on school safety, please visit Utica National Insurance’s website.

To learn more about Insurance People’s Charter School Safety Program, please reach out to an Insurance People representative.

We sincerely appreciate working with charter schools across the Southeast for the past 20+ years!