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Work Comp Wednesdays – Streamline Workplace Safety Trainings with AutomateSafety


Welcome to Work Comp Wednesdays! Insurance People is the industry-leader in North Carolina workers’ compensation insurance. Each week, our team takes a frequently asked question and expands on the issue for our clients, prospective clients, and community members to better understand the confusing nature of Work Comp.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an injury and illness prevention program (workplace safety training) is a proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt. OSHA believes that injury and illness prevention programs provide the foundation for breakthrough changes in the way employers identify and control hazards, leading to a significantly improved workplace health and safety environment. Adoption of an injury and illness prevention program will result in workers suffering fewer injuries, illnesses, and fatalities as well as improving the employer’s compliance with government regulations.

Acknowledging the efficacy of an injury and illness prevention program is the first step towards a safer workplace but effective implementation is the biggest hurdle among employers. A recent survey, released by Intertek Alchemy, shows that 59% of companies say finding time for training is their biggest barrier to developing a workplace safety program. The study continues, addressing that 75% of leaders believe productivity would increase if workers consistently followed the safety program (30% of which feel it would rise by at least 50%). Lastly, the report found that companies using interactive audience-response technology create efficiencies to deliver 31% more safety training. In conclusion, employers should use training technology (as one method in their safety and health program) to increase workplace safety, compliance, and productivity.

AutomateSafety – Streamline Workplace Safety Trainings

AutomateSafety is a no-cost, web-based software that allows employers of all sizes to streamline safety trainings. The software simplifies workplace safety training by implementing a turnkey, set-it and forge-it content engine full of engaging safety training messages that are sent directly to employees. Employers have the ability to pick from a huge library of topics that allows for management to preview and choose safety training messages that fit their workplace. With the easy-to-use software, you can decide when employees receive their training and can schedule a year’s worth of safety training in 30 minutes or less!

AutomateSafety trainings are designed to teach, engage, and inspire safe work habits through:

  • Delivering consistent trainings
  • Targeting specific safety concerns
  • Engaging employees in less than 5 minutes
  • Providing easy to retain knowledge; and
  • Verifying engagement with a final quiz

AutomateSafety also has the ability for employees to report safety concerns to management for review and correction!

If you need help meeting safety training requirements, developing a strong safety culture, and/or consistently encouraging employees to remain safe, please contact our Workers’ Compensation Specialist, Mitch Kaufmann, for more information and your complimentary account to AutomateSafety.