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Property Management Group Lowers Experience Mod and Workers’ Comp Premium by 30% through Managing Safety and Risk


A multi-state property management group.


The management group had rising workplace injury costs, and their prior agent was not addressing it. This complexity requires expertise, as well as the time and resources to properly audit the company’s safety procedures.  Unable to get a handle on the workplace injury claims, the Experience Mod & Premium began to climb.


Insurance People’s Master WorkComp Advisor (MWCA) conducted a Risk Management Audit on the company’s Workers’ Compensation program to identify the risk issues facing the company and to help benchmark their performance against ideal industry standards. The company signed a Broker of Record (BOR) agreement and Insurance People went to work.


Insurance People’s Risk Management Audit found that the property management group’s Maintenance Technicians were suffering injuries at a higher rate than their industry competitors. Insurance People set up a phased approach to help improve the company’s hiring practices, safety program, and claims management procedures. Insurance People’s Master WorkComp Advisor also assisted the management group’s Human Resources Department better understand the Workers’ Compensation system as well as their state’s rules and regulations.


Due to the partnership between the property management group and Insurance People, the client’s Experience Mod decreased from 1.17 to 0.86 and their work comp premium was reduced by over 30%. Since the partnership, the property management group’s average loss ratio is 1.00%.