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Heading to College: What to Insure

Check out this post from Selective as students gear up to head to college. The link to their full post is below.

This weekend is move-in for most colleges and universities in North Carolina. Parents and family members will travel across the state to help their freshman transition his/her life and belongings into a new room, campus, town, and alma mater. As the parents drive away with an empty backseat, questions arise if they have done enough to prepare their child for the journey ahead. Most things are out of the parents’ control but one thing they can do is protect their child’s belongings while away from home.

Colleges and universities don’t want to talk about it but theft is a real problem on campus. There are approximately 798 burglaries for every 100,000 students. Whether it be the first week or the middle of finals, the last thing the student needs to worry about is their belongings being stolen and what would happen next.

To learn more about protecting your child against the risks associated with college, click the link below: