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Certified Work Comp Advisor (CWCA) – Helping Employers Take Charge of Their Workers’ Comp

Insurance People of North Carolina partnered with the Institute of WorkComp Professionals to train our agents to become leaders in the field of Workers’ Compensation insurance. Armed with the knowledge and skills that go beyond insurance coverage procurement, our team members earned the title of Certified Work Comp Advisor (CWCA). Today, there are currently more than 800 certified members across the country.

The entire goal of a CWCA is to help frustrated employers take back control of their Workers’ Compensation insurance. Employers are frustrated because their premiums are skyrocketing, their process isn’t in control, and their coverage confuses them. Due to the complicated nature of Workers’ Comp, employers are left to assume that their premium audit reports are accurate, and their Experience Modification Factors are correct. However, because of mistakes rampant in the Workers’ Compensation System, at least 50% of businesses are overcharged for their Workers’ Comp insurance.

Our team of Work Comp Advisors is committed to turning around Work Comp programs in order to reduce expenses over the longer-term and make employers more competitive. Over the past thirteen years, CWCAs have saved businesses millions of dollars in unnecessary Workers’ Compensation expenses.

Below are a few examples of how CWCAs across the nation have helped employers save money and wrest control:

Driving Your Ex Mod to A Minimum

“A grading contractor with 42 employees had been with the same broker for 21 years and had a 1.40 Ex Mod. The CWCAs review found several errors, including several high reserves on the Mod Worksheet for claims that had been closed for two years. The CWCAs findings were reviewed by the rating board who agreed and reduced the Mod by 17 points. As a result, the Experience Mod dropped to 1.23 with an annual cost reduction of $11,050.”

Finding and Fixing Audit Errors

“A family-owned trucking company received a final premium audit invoice for $15,129. The CWCAs review of the audit worksheets revealed payroll that had not properly been identified due to a technicality (a split in the normal Anniversary Date). The CWCA prepared proper payroll calculations that the insurance company agreed with. The insurance company returned $3,811 (The net premium savings for the client were $18,940).”

INSP365 is our proprietary, cutting-edge process aimed to help shrink Mods, find errors and overcharges, and make sure employers pay no more for Workers’ Comp they should. We are not your typical insurance agents; we are Certified Work Comp Advisors.