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School Safety Excellence Award – South Carolina

Utica National Insurance Group and Insurance People

School Safety Excellence Award – South Carolina 


Utica National Insurance Group is one of the leading national insurance carriers in School Safety and Risk Management. The insurance group, known for actively promoting exceptional safety procedures, uses strategic partnerships with innovative safety companies to help Risk Advisors offer their charter school clients a complete and well-rounded risk management program.

In unprecedented fashion, charter school leaders along on the East Coast are completely buying in on creating forward-thinking and risk-adverse institutions. Due to the overwhelming acceptance of the risk management tools and procedures, Utica National Insurance Group created the School Safety Excellence Award Program to honor those that made extraordinary efforts to make their schools a safer place.

Utica National’s School Safety Excellence Award Program is presented annually and recognizes schools’ safety efforts as they work to help keep students, staff, and visitors safe. The Awards Program has three levels in which schools can earn a meritorious distinction by meeting specific criteria to enhance overall safety. Categories covered include bullying prevention programs, playground safety and other areas, and are measured using specific, quantifiable surveys.

In 2019, for the first time, Utica National brought the School Safety Excellence Award to South Carolina.

Insurance People is proud to announce that our good friends at Riverwalk Academy and Virtus Academy of SC were the only two South Carolina charter schools to receive the award at the Gold Level!

Riverwalk Academy and Virtus Academy of SC received their awards at the 19th Annual South Carolina Charter School Conference at the Columbia Marriott. Riverwalk Academy officials accepted a certificate to commemorate the school’s safety efforts for Utica National representative, Michael Centrone.

For over 45 years Utica National has kept kids and staff safe and currently insures over 30 charter schools in South Carolina. “Safety and health concerns continue to be a priority in our charter schools,” explained Brian Saville, Resident Senior Vice President in Utica National’s Education Institutions Unit. “Schools that go ‘above-and-beyond’ to provide a safe, healthy and focused culture for learning are to be applauded, and we’re pleased to count Riverwalk Academy among them.”

Mr. Saville noted that, beyond the recognition itself, an added benefit of following the safety program is the chance to pinpoint specific threats to safety. “The time to address those threats is before a loss happens, which really helps contribute to the safety culture that districts are working toward.”

Insurance People is the largest insurer of Charter Schools in the Carolinas.


Our own John Ramsey with Mariann Carter, Riverwalk Academy Board Member, accepting the award on the school’s behalf