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School Safety Excellence Award – Healthy Start Academy

Insurance People is extremely proud to announce that our friends at Healthy Start Academy, are the recipients of Utica’s School Safety Excellence Award.

Located in the West End of downtown Durham, Healthy Start Academy is the first recipient of this award in North Carolina.

Healthy Start Academy (HSA), the first charter school in NC, opened their doors in 1997 and are leaders in the Charter School Movement. Utica has over 45 years of experience in this industry so to see them acknowledge an original member of this movement, shows their desire to reward success.

Because of the current state of affairs, our team at Insurance People put on their masks and traveled to HSA to grant them their award. While social distancing, of course, we handed the award to Alex Quigley (Principal) and Aronda Hill (Director of Operations) – pictured here.

Utica National Insurance Group, one of the leading insurance carriers in the United States, continues to show their gratitude toward the education system. Utica, known for their risk management and school safety, aspires to reward schools that implement safety and risk procedures. By using strategic partnerships with risk-management companies, Utica offers their charter school clients a risk-management program that aims to mitigate potential perils that may face their schools.

Charter Schools along the East Coast are taking advantage of this opportunity and are creating more risk-adverse institutions. Because of this, Utica wanted to create an award that validates schools for their efforts in risk-management. Thus, the School Safety Excellence Award was created.

Utica National’s School Safety Excellence Award is presented annually to schools that show exemplary efforts to keep their students, staff, faculty, and guests safe.

Insurance People is the largest insurer of Charter Schools in NC. Contact us today to learn more about the School Safety Excellence Award and how to improve safety at your school!