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In August, we posted a blog about the importance of promptly reporting claims. Today, we continue this theme by emphasizing the value of “Post-Claim Communication”.

As vital as it is to quickly report claims, it is equally as necessary to keep the communication going with all on-going claims. Because the claims process can be so arduous for the company, it can be easy to forget about the well-being of the injured employee. Employers should take it upon themselves to check-in with the employee to see how they are doing and ask if they need anything. This communication will go a long way toward the relationship between employers and their employees.

After a severe accident, the injured employee is not the only one affected. His or her coworkers are also affected by the incident. This is a great opportunity for the employer to provide updated safety-trainings to the other employees. Please ensure that all employees are aware of what happened, as well as how to avoid this accident in the future.

As time goes on, more information on the incident may come to light. It is crucial that the employer continue to update the claims adjuster on anything that may be relevant to the situation. This not only helps close out the claim faster, but it also keeps the insurance company up to date on the claim.

When the employee is emotionally and physically ready to return to work, the employer must ensure that this situation has been resolved. Make sure that the employee understands how to avoid this accident in the future. The employer should be ready to have an open dialogue with the employee on how they want to return to work. Whether they are ready to jump back in immediately, or transition more slowly, the key is to keep on talking.

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