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How is a Crisis Communication System Going to Help my Business?

By April 12, 2018July 5th, 2018Business Insurance

In today’s busy world, everything is done instantly through cell phones. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone as far as turning my car around halfway through my dreadful stop-and-go-traffic commute once I realized I didn’t have my phone. Even though I didn’t plan on using it for any specific purpose throughout the day, just knowing it was with me was all I needed. Legions of companies have capitalized on our cell phone obsessions by giving us games, social media, and other time wasters but some companies want to use this technology for the greater good.

One company, Tap App Security, has done just that. Dr. Matthew Miraglia, a former counter terrorist operative, developed a crisis communication system for businesses that is downloadable right to your phone! With real time communication you will be able to see what’s going on, who’s where, and talk to everyone on a secure IM networking all while the app takes care of emergency vehicle dispatch.

Now they may advertise as the best way to prevent or deter an active shooter, but the customizable options they offer make it so much more than that. For instance, did you know that according the US Department of Labor, 10,000 heart attacks happen at work each year? Now imagine if one happened right at 4:50 PM in your office. Employees are starting to sneak out and fill the parking lot with their cars leaving an ambulance with no possible way to get directly to the building. Tap App would alert your employees to “hold” or wait in the office until help arrives.

Even something as simple as your company’s fire plan would be much less stressful. When the DOL comes knocking to make sure you’re up to code, don’t dig through old computer files to find your fire plan, show them your Tap App account instead. When you tell them the fire exit plan automatically pops up on everyone’s device the second a fire is reported, they probably won’t have too many more questions for you.

After finding out about this awesome safety app for ourselves, we partnered with Dr. Miraglia who decided to offer our clients discounts for purchasing it. We absolutely love it when our clients are proactive with their risk safety because it helps us show our carriers how prepared you are which can potentially lead to cheaper premiums for you.