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Simplify OSHA record keeping. And so much more.

We help employers take the guesswork out of OSHA record keeping and make the entire injury reporting process an absolute breeze. enables employers to create each state’s first report of injury, track injuries, print all required OSHA reports and view injury metrics in real-time.

Quick Data Entry

When someone gets hurt, fill out one simple web form that takes just minutes to complete.

  • Add an injury or illness in 4 minutes or less
  • Works with computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Eliminate Dual Entry Between OSHA forms
Instant OSHA Logs

Instantly Generate All OSHA Forms with no dual entry required.

  • Instantly Generate OSHA forms 300, 300A and 301 forms
  • Easy to update with no mistakes between forms
  • Download, print or email OSHA forms as PDFs
Work Comp First Report of Injury

Create any State’s Workers’ comp first report of injury in half the time.

  • Create any state’s work comp first report of injury
  • Eliminate Dual Entry between OSHA forms and first report
  • Send to your insurance company to start claims process
Instant Metrics

Instant Metrics reveal injury trends and measure safety outcomes.

  • Automatically generate powerful injury and illness statistics
  • Includes DART, Lost Time Case, Severity and Incident Rates
  • Injury Graphs by Body Part, Source and Nature
Electric Submission to OSHA

Comply with new osha rules requiring employers to submit injury data directly to OSHA.

  • Comply with OSHA’s new electronic submission rules
  • Helps you determine which data must be submitted
  • Upload to the U.S. Department of Labor as required by OSHA
Create Better Outcomes

Instant Injury Notifications to your insurance advisor for proactive support.

  • Instant Injury notification to your insurance advisor
  • Implement speedy return to work initiative
  • Protect your worker’s comp experience mod

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I can add an injury in less than 4 minutes on my phone. Doesn't get any easier than that!

Sally RHome Health Care, Chicago, IL

Not one can match the ease of use. Keep it up guys!

Aubry T.Manufacturing, Grand Rapids, MI

It's great that I can just input the information once and be able to run all OSHA reports and my State's First Report of Injury. No dual entry. I love it!

Ron S.Plumbing Contractor, Fort Wayne, IN
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